~20 HOUR ‘Atlantic Broadband’ Outage, July 10 — 11, 2019, Triggered By Car Crash On Route 107.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access WMUR story if you still want to read it.

This was a long and painful Internet outage. In reality, I really shouldn’t complain since I was not majorly impacted! As I was said many times before I maintain TWO (2) Internet services to the house — one from TDS and the other from Atlantic Broadband — JUST for contingencies like that. And today, yet again, it paid off. I have been talking about a load-balanced system where both Internet feeds are bonded together for years but have yet to do so!

In terms of Wi-Fi we are seamlessly covered. Our mobile devices can easily pick up either router. So, that is not a problem.

But, I like my main PC, i.e., this, to be hardwired. And today for the first time I did it! Two years ago, after another outage, I bought a 200′ Ethernet LAN cable from Amazon for $14. Today, I used it. I had to run it from our 1st floor, where the TDS feed is, to the 4th, which is where my desk is. So, the cable had to traverse three sets of stairs. We did it. Worked first time. I was getting 400Mbps! Yes, 400Mbps! So, I can’t complain. SMILE.

Click to ENLARGE and admire.

But, having one Internet down still rattles I.

To make it worse, my ‘system’ did not automatically come up when Atlantic Broadband finally got everything up. Yes, I was monitoring Facebook.

I had to call them and got a WONDERFUL techie, named ‘Vera’ (who I have dealt with, v. successfully before), who spent 40-minutes helping me go online. Nothing profound. Just a question of repeatedly restarting modem — and then the router — till it all clicked. Stressful BUT it worked. Thanks Vera.

So, that was that saga.

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by Anura Guruge

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