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Are Moroccans Noted For Their Luxuriant Hair? Just Wondering. ‘Sauve’ Makes This Moroccan Product Line.

by Anura Guruge

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A Moroccan crowd. They are always wearing ‘hats’!

I bought one of these Suave Moroccan products at Walmart yesterday — based purely on price.

Then this morning when I was using it I got thinking about Moroccans and their hair. I have never been Morocco, but I have to Tunisia, which is pretty adjacent and I have seen enough pictures of Moroccans. I do not recall thinking ‘Wow! They have nice hair’. Most of the time they got their heads covered — both sexes.

Now, I am confused. I feel duped. Do they really have better hair than I?

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by Anura Guruge

“The GURUGE Expeditionary Force” To Acquire Greenland For Trump — Come, Join & DONATE.

by Anura Guruge

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Too much talk. Time for action.

Time for man’s man, i.e., I, to step into the breech and get this done.


I am a Pacifist.

So, it will be different. But, no problems.

I am, definitely, NOT the Master of the Deal.


I am GOOD. Real GOOD. The BEST. Actually better than BEST.

I made a v. comfortable living for 22-years selling MYSELF. Yes, it was professional prostitution. I sold myself for money — yep, basically same rates as a good escort. So, I can sell. I can get the deal done.

Plus …. a secret. Don’t tell anyone. I used to joke about this.

In those 22-years, I never lost a sale (of myself) if the decision maker was female. What can I say. SMILE. Yes, I SMILE. I do NOT SCOWL. So, how can I lose. At least 50% of the folks we met in Greenland — I hope — will be female. SMILE. We are all set. SMILE.

Oh. I am also Mr. Chocolate. I am made of chocolate. I am going to need lots, lots, lots of chocolates. Maybe a few hundred tons.

Plus, roses and nylons.

This means I am going to need MONEY. Lots of money. Not millions. But, billions. But, we can do this. For Trump.

So, start sending money, NOW for the “The GURUGE Expeditionary Force” To Acquire Greenland For Trump.

This is important. No messing around. Send money. Send LOTS of money.

My PayPal account is the same as my e-mail. And my e-mail is easy to find.

Send Money.

“The GURUGE Expeditionary Force” To Acquire Greenland For Trump.

Send Money, please.

“The GURUGE Expeditionary Force” To Acquire Greenland For Trump.

When I have got enough chocolate, roses and nylons I will let you KNOW. Promise. Plus, I will need a few other things, of course. A private jet to get me there, for one. I will also need some new threads. So, send money. Send money.

“The GURUGE Expeditionary Force” To Acquire Greenland For Trump.

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by Anura Guruge

The Picture Of The Day (Google Pixel 2) + 6 Also-Rans — August 21, 2019.

by Anura Guruge

NO post-processing whatsoever.

Taken with my Google Pixel 2 Phone.

Click pictures to ENLARGE.

Attribution WILL be enforced.

Japanese bridge in New Hampshire Anura Guruge Google Pixel 2

The also rans:

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by Anura Guruge


Garmin Partners With Amazon PRIME For Music — Download Music To Your ‘M’ Watches From Prime.

by Anura Guruge

Click to access Garmin.

You need a new Garmin APP
from the Garmin ‘Connect IQ’ Store.

Click to access the APP.

This is BIG, especially IF you are already an Amazon Prime member (and I am, though I am not into music on my Garmins).

Thanks to Amazon you can even have a 30-day FREE trial — Amazon hoping to snare you into Prime.

I am NOW a believer in Prime. I wasn’t for the longest time. I always ordered enough (e.g. $25) to get free-shipping. Then, maybe, 6-years ago, maybe earlier I finally signed-up.

Now I am a Believer.

Full disclosure. I am also a long-term Amazon shareholder. SMILE.

But, I watch a fair amount of Prime Video. That, in my book, pays for itself.

Anyway, this is BIG. Worth looking into.

BIG DAY … a week from today. August 28, 2019. Fenix 6, Vivoactive 4, Venu, etc. SMILE.

Stay tuned.

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by Anura Guruge

‘Cardinal George Pell’, Convicted Child Abuser, Still In Prison, In Australia, LOSES His Appeal.

by Anura Guruge

George Pell (b. 1941, 78-years old) was convicted of ‘sodomy’
in December 2018.

He was given a 6-year prison sentence
with 3 years 8 months compulsory (i.e., no-parole).

He has been serving that sentence since at least February 2019 (if not earlier).

So, by a 2-1 decision (by a panel of three-judges) his current conviction was UPHELD, but he was given the option of filing an appeal with the ‘High Court’ — the final court of appeal in Australia.

Earlier in the year Pell had claimed that he WOULD NOT APPEAL if he lost the June 2019 appeal. He has LOST, but, he, of course, can’t be trusted. I am sure there will be another appeal.

But, he REMAINS in prison BUT, the good thing for him, is that the clock is inexorably ticking away. He has now served 6-months of his mandatory sentence. He could seek parole in 3 years and 2 months.

The Vatican and the pope are standing behind him — of, bloody, course.

Stay tuned.

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by Anura Guruge

Today’s Insightful Desmond Tutu Words Of Wisdom Compliments Of Meghan Markle, Duchess Of Sussex.

by Anura Guruge

I am a huge fan of Desmond Tutu. I think he is the cat’s whiskers. I know and appreciate what he has done and continues to do for South Africa, the world and the human race.

He is quite the man. He and my other LION, Nelson Mandela, were quite the team.

I did not realize that Meghan Markle routinely posts inspirational Desmond Tutu quotes on her Snapchat page. I just happened to hear about this quite today. It touched me. I liked it. It is very true. Very apropos. So, I wanted to share it with you. Read it. Think about it. Live by it. SMILE.

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by Anura Guruge