New Hampshire Electricity Rates: I Got A 8.89cent/kWh Rate For 14-Months From “North American Power”.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

What I had for the last 2-years.

Click image to access ‘North American Power’ Website.

Wow. It is actually LOWER than what I was paying for the last two-years, though the rate is for 14-months as opposed to 24-months. But, I can live with that.

They, as they promise, send me a renewal notice a couple of weeks ago. I had until mid-September to make a choice. I decided to get it done today.

Not sure why, but ‘North American Power‘ now insists that YOU have to call for everything. Kind of made me leery. They hadn’t quoted a renewal price and I was concerned that they would try to stick me with a much higher rate than what I was paying currently. I need not have worried.

I did a quick check on New Hampshire rates last night.

I liked the ‘North American Power’ 14-month 8.89¢/kWh. I was willing to stay with them if I could get it.

I called this morning. After the usual, tedious, verification process and having been put on hold for about 5-minutes, she quoted me that rate and apologized for it being just 14-months.

But, I was happy. 14-months takes me up the end of 2020. That was good enough.

I have now been with ‘North American Power‘ for over 4-years. So far, so good. No drama. They just seem to tick along. That is fine with I.

So, that is the story. I am getting a 8.89¢/kWh for 14-months starting October 2019.

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by Anura Guruge

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