Pope Francis Should Avoid Temptation Of Assigning Suburbicarian See Of Porto–Santa Rufina To Parolin, Sandri Or Ouellet.

by Anura Guruge

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A Suburbicarian See, i.e., one of the 7 ancient sees surrounding Rome, becoming vacant is the Vatican equivalent of a vacancy in the U.S. Supreme Court. Not too many slots, in the case of Suburbicarian Sees just 6 in reality (because the Dean automatically gets two), and those who hold them seem to be blessed with unusual longevity.

So, suburbicarian see, Porto–Santa Rufina becoming vacant after 21-years is a BIG deal. It is also the FIRST to become vacant in 11-years.

This was why, Francis, last June was forced to create four IRREGULAR Cardinal Bishops — i.e., Cardinal Bishops who did NOT have title to a suburbicarian see. Prior to this, in order to be a Cardinal Bishop, you had to hold the title to a suburbicarian see. That was actual requirement and definition.

Cardinal Bishop = Suburbicarian See.

When he created his four IRREGULARS (so that there would be some under-80 cardinal bishops who could participate in a conclave) he was ADAMANT that the IRREGULARS were no different to the regulars — i.e., those that held title to a suburbicarian see.

That is the main reason why he should not give the newly vacant suburbicarian see to one of the IRREGULARS.

It would, at a stroke, destroy his contention that the IRREGULARS were REGULARS. If they were he wouldn’t feel obliged to give the see to an IRREGULAR. What for? Per Francis they are as good without, as with.

Plus, he would be breaking Church Law. It is possible that I am the ONLY one that knows of this 1914 Law passed by Pius X. But, trust me, it is the Law. I do know my Church Law.

Yes, popes live to break the Law and they can do so with impunity. Their actions cannot be questioned or challenged. But, it will be wrong.

That is where we stand. Now YOU know all the facts.

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by Anura Guruge

4 thoughts on “Pope Francis Should Avoid Temptation Of Assigning Suburbicarian See Of Porto–Santa Rufina To Parolin, Sandri Or Ouellet.

  1. Richard Truelyl

    I totally agree with your reasoning. Since Francis seems to like his reputation as a maverick that makes his own rules maybe his next appointment to the rank of Cardinal Bishop should be to raise up some bishop somewhere to the title directly at the next consistory! Has that ever happened before?

    1. Anura Guruge Post author

      He (or any pope), following John XXIII’s 1961 rule change, can create someone directly as a Cardinal Bishop. Prior to the IRREGULARS a suburbicarian would need to have been vacant. I don’t think, and I have not checked, whether anybody, post 1961, was ever created as a Cardinal Bishop. J23, when he changed the law, just to prove his point, promoted Cardinal Ferrato from c. deacon to c. bishop. That was classic J23 GRINNING humor. Ferrato had only been created 3 months earlier, he was the last named at that consistory and as such was the most junior cardinal. That was classic. I am CURRENTLY writing a 500-page book on conclaves. Have you read any of my conclave, pope or J23 books? Thanks. Cheers.

  2. Richard Truely

    Yes I believe I have purchased all of your catholic hierarchy related ebooks over the years! Keep them coming 🙂


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