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Post Knee Surgery Knee Braces — My Experience & Recommendations.

by Anura Guruge

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First 4-weeks.

Yes, all-in-all I lucked out. I literally walked away from my quad-tendon reattachment surgery with no pain, no limp, no discomfort and no lack of flexibility.

I can basically do everything I could prior to surgery though I am not running as much as I used to. I do run but I do notice that it is not kind to my knees. So, instead I walk 4.2+ miles 5 to 6 times a week.

I am HUGE fan of knee braces. I used to wear them, off-and-on prior to my injury. IF I had been bearing one I might have saved myself the surgery.

As soon as I hurt myself I put a brace on my knee. It immediately took away much of the pain. At ER they gave me a full-length brace (see above). That was good. But, a few hours later I was fitted with a ‘DonJoy  X-Act ROM Hinged, Knee Brace‘. That was even better. I wore it 24×7 during the week prior to surgery. That week I went to Cape Cod on a mini-vacation. With that brace I could walk, in the snow, with no problem or pain!

I wore that brace for a month after surgery. It served me well though it was brutal on my thigh muscles. I found and switched to a smaller hinged brace with my surgeon’s blessing. Again, see above or check out this link.

I had told my surgeon, at one of my follow-up appointments, that I planned to wear a brace, on my, knee for life. He laughed, then realized that I was not joking. He then came around and said that it would do me no harm and that yes, it would even help.

I have been wearing an assortment of braces since. Not all the time. Definitely when I am walking, running, hiking or out-and-about. I found the simple ACE knee supports remarkably effective. Didn’t need anything else.

But, for my 4.2+ mile walks I decided I need more support. I was carrying 18 lbs of extra weight — in the form of a 12 lbs weighted vest and two 3 lbs wrist weights. I am going to give the 12 lbs vest a rest.

I got the NEENCA brace, shown above (twice), today. It is very comfortable and provides excellent support. Looking forward to walking with it tomorrow.

I definitely recommend it. About the same price as an ACE support. So, you can’t go wrong.

So, that is my story. Hope it helps.

I had my quadriceps tendon repair surgery,
at ‘
Frisbie Memorial Hospital‘ —
performed by Dr. Charles Blitzer
of ‘Seacoast Orthopedics
on Thursday, March 7, 2019.

There was no pain to talk about
— throughout, from surgery to now.

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by Anura Guruge

Why Pope Francis Is Not Afraid Of (Another) Schism In The Catholic Church — The 3 Reasons.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. From today’s CNN. Google for more articles on subject.

There are three reasons as to why Pope Francis does NOT worry about a potential schism.

They are, in order of importance:

  1. He knows, from experience, that his critics, including all those in the U.S., are all talk, hot-air and no-trousers. Push come to shove their knees still buckle at the thought of defying the Pope and the Vatican. They are, by definition, good, conservative, devout Catholics. That also means that in the end they are too SCARED to stand up against THE CHURCH. They fret that they will go straight to hell. The Pope knows this and exploits it constantly. He knows that his critics, for all their bluster, are still puppets in his grasp. The American Catholics, in particular, can bring this Pope to his knees with one act and one act alone. Stop putting money IN THE COLLECTION on just ONE Sunday. There will be hell to pay. The Vatican will ground to a halt in abject shock. The Pope will be on his knees — begging for forgiveness. “Please, please, pretty please, don’t cut off the lucre. How can we live it up at the Vatican without your money?”

  2. Not many people know it, but, in theory, there is already schism and has been one since 1958. I kid you not. Very real.

    Click to ENLARGE and read here. Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sedevacantism

    It is called ‘Sedevacantism‘. Per this schism none of the Popes since Pius XII is legitimate.

  3. Pope Francis does not have the brainpower to WORRY about a schism! He is too simple of a man. To worry you have to have some marbles. If you don’t have many marbles you don’t worry. Think about it. Pope Francis, by far, is the least educated and cerebral pope in probably over 200-years! He is NOT an intellectual and he will even tell you that. So, he doesn’t worry about much other than what he will be having for his next meal and he prefers pizza.

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by Anura Guruge

Garmin’s New Vivoactive 4-Based ‘Legacy Hero Series’ Seems A Bit Mickey Mouse To I.

by Anura Guruge

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All images from garmin.com

Not my cup of tea — BUT I am 66-years old and wear a Garmin MARQ Expedition. Maybe if I was 40-years younger and had $400 to burn on a novelty watch (and thinking back, I probably could have afforded such if I wanted (SMILE)).

Nice bezels and nice straps. Not sure about the watch faces. And the price $400.

Also, they don’t each come in both sizes, i.e., 45mm (standard) and 40mm (small). That surprised I. The 45-mm is the ‘First Avenger’ & the smaller is ‘Captain Marvel’. I am too old to know the difference or those superheroes BUT does that size distinction make sense. I am from the Superman era. So, will Garmin make more of these? The mind boggles and as a long-term Garmin investor this kind of bothers I. Not sure what the market is. Can’t be huge. Pretty sure that by Christmas 2019 these two watches will be available close to $300.

Both based on the new Vivoactive 4 — 45mm & 40mm. But, unlike the Vivoactive 4 it is not available as yet. As with the new Garmin Venu Garmin is quoting 5 – 8 weeks. Think: “just ahead of Black Friday”.

Yes, even Garmin Connect has been updated to cater for these watches.

I am sorry, but I am skeptical. Can you … will you wear this to work … in an office? Can you … will you wear this to the gym? Can you … will you wear this to a fancy restaurant? I wouldn’t. But, then again … (SMILE).

So, what do YOU think? Would you buy one? Would you wear one if one was given to you for FREE? [No, nope … I am not making an offer or any promises.]

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by Anura Guruge