New Hampshire 2019 Fall Foliage — September 27.

by Anura Guruge

Click pictures to ENLARGE.

If you steal any of these, I will FIND YOU.
If you want to use/share them JUST ask.

stolen from Anura Guruge

I feel — and also know — that I am privileged. I get to spend hours surrounded by this. Wonderful when I am walking.

But, please remember, I pay the price. This is just compensation for 5-months of cold, snow, ice and winds! So, it is like the last hurrah prior to the misery of winter. SMILE. And this year, after my knee injury in February, I won’t even be able to shovel snow. That really was my only joy in winter. Shoveling snow. It is so satisfying.

I will try and make this a daily event. Sharing the local foliage with you. Not difficult — really. I can just step outside and snap a few pictures. 50% of these were within 100 yards of my front door!

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by Anura Guruge

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