My Faith In Humanity Restored! They Really Do Make A Retro Handset For Smartphones. Rejoice.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access Amazon listing. They have MORE. Rejoice.

I was ALL excited earlier this evening. I was going to INVENT this and file a patent. Damn. But, I am NOT crushed. I am delighted. My faith in humanity restored. Rejoice.

I need one of these. That is why I was going to invent it.

Well, as the 3 people in the whole wide Universe that truly know I know, I am old, getting senile and have absolutely no clue when it comes to 21st century technology. I kid you not. I have only had a smartphone for less than 2-years and I still have NO IDEA how to use it! I can’t TEXT, but that doesn’t phase me. I don’t hear it ring. 110% I have it in “Do NOT Disturb” mode. So, it never rings. That is a good thing BECAUSE I have no idea, whatsoever, as to how to answer a call IF I were to get one!

Not sure which way I would have to hold the phone!

Not funny. This is serious stuff.

So, after 40-years, when I was in my late 50s I finally worked out how to use a NORMAL telephone. I no longer get it mixed up, i.e., holding it upside down. Took me decades to finally get it right.


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by Anura Guruge

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