Monarch Butterfly Rescue — Deanna’s New Project.

by Anura Guruge

She found it on the grass, on Sunday, at her sister’s ‘farm’ in Maine. It couldn’t fly. One of its wings looked ripped. Her sister picked it up and gave it to Deanna. It immediately made it self comfortable on her sweater. The rest is history. She decided that she is going to try and rescue it.

Her sister had hatched some butterflies over the Summer. She still had a plastic bottle all set-up for butterflies.

It was given sugar water, fruits etc. And then a flower. It seemed happy enough. We brought it home. That was 2-days ago.

It seems happy enough. It moves about and appears to be eating.

I know nothing about butterflies other than that they are pretty. I don’t even know how long they live. But, so far, so good. It is neat to have it in the kitchen.

I will try and keep you posted. I hope it hangs around for awhile.

A different one.

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by Anura Guruge


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