This Counsel About ‘Making Others Smile’ Was Totally Wasted On I; I Have Practised This For 33-Years.

by Anura Guruge

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I am a living contradiction and I like living as such.

I have been diagnosed, by psychologists as an ‘off-the-scale’ extrovert. That is why I, in my storied life, managed to snag so many plumb sales/marketing jobs. SMILE. But, I am also, by choice, a recluse! I can go for five, six or more days without ‘going out’. No, I am never housebound. I go out and walk/run for at least 90-minutes a day, but I do not need to go shopping, eating, drinking or anything else.

But, when I go out, I make sure that I make people SMILE. That I make them feel warm inside. I have done that, each and every time I have gone out, for 33-years.

Something about “bringing sunshine into other people’s life“.

It is easy for I. People just smile when they see my face. They have all my life. I kid you not. I think they feel sorry for them.

Today, I know for a FACT, that I made at least TWO people, one male, one female, smile.

Oh, I also hand out chocolates. That really makes people SMILE.

But, I can also SMILE.

I SMILE a lot. I am happy most of the time.

I also know how to smile. SMILE.

Well, this sign was at our orthodontists. Kind of self-serving. But, it amused I.


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by Anura Guruge

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