I Returned My MARQ Expedition & Am Getting A Second Fenix 6 Pro — This One In Titanium.

by Anura Guruge

Putting the MARQ to bed (or at least into a box).

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I had it for 5.6-months. When I got the MARQ I was so happy and excited and I thought I would keep it forever — and I did have a Rolex that I kept for 22-years before giving it to my son.

The MARQ software had issues. Some of it probably because I insisted on using my preferred (customized) ‘ActiFace‘ watch face rather than one supplied by Garmin. But, last night was the last straw. All of the MARQ conniption appear to happen AFTER I finish a walk — whether as a GPS activity or just walking 1,000+ steps without invoking ‘walk’. Well, last night, after my 11pm walk, the bloody thing beeped and squawked and the next thing I knew it appeared to be LOCKED. Finally worked out that it had gone into ‘battery saving mode’! Ah! I had charged it, 100%, 11-hours earlier. Battery was down to 14% and I had the Pulse OX off. Well, I wasted 30-minutes getting things back to normal and I then had to charge it again.

That was IT. I had enough.

Prior to that, at least once a week, after one of my walks I would lose ActiFace. It would take 15-minutes to get it back. There never was one guaranteed solution. Required me trying this that and the other.

Yes, IF I also did NOT have a Fenix 6 Sapphire I would not have known any better …

But, to be fair, there was a reason I had got a Fenix 6. The MARQ never felt robust. I had vision of it dying — totally, as had two Vivoactive 3s. This time around I did not want to go for 4-days without a Garmin to track my activities. So, I had decided that I am always going to have two Garmins around.

The Fenix 6 is head-and-shoulders better than the MARQ Explorer (now called the ‘Adventurer’). The software is more reliable and the display is much, much, much, much better.

Hence, why I am getting another Fenix 6. This one in Titanium. NO, I will not be wearing the orange band. Instead I will use a $22 leather band from Amazon. They look real nice on the Fenix 6.

Well, I will keep you posted.

I do keep track of my Activity Trackers.

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by Anura Guruge

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