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Robert Charity Of ‘Charity Electric’, Barnstead — One Fine, Dependable, Competent Electrician Serving Central New Hampshire.

by Anura Guruge

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Robert Charity was recommended to I by a builder in Barnstead — the Dad of a friend of mine. When I had told him that I needed some wiring done, he, with nary a hesitation said: “Robert Charity, of Charity Electric, is your man“. He was dead right.

Robert did the external Cat 7 ethernet wiring I needed to complete my TDS 1 Gigabit installation.

Robert Charity was a delight to deal with from the get go. No messing around. He was responsive, prompt and a man of his word.

He does good work. Very careful, very diligent, very thorough and extremely competent. A son of an electrician (from Mass.) he sure knows his stuff. He is very reasonable too when it comes to pricing. I was very impressed and pleased.

He specializes in backup generators and IF I ever get one it would be from him and no one else.

So, if you are in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire and need an electrician call (better still TXT) Robert Charity at 603-833-9204.

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by Anura Guruge

Rod Stewart’s Magnificent, 124′ HO-Scale Model Railway (Depicting An U.S. Cityscape).

by Anura Guruge

From the U.K. “Daily Mail”

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WOW. Now that is a layout!

I could not — I would not — even aspire to anything of that detail, thoroughness and competence. Never knew that he was an avid and gifted model railroader, though it appears it was fairly well known in the right circles.

“Maggie May” was a hit in 1971 when I was at University (in Swansea). I became a big fan. I eventually got to see him, perform live, in the lates 1980s, in Worcester, Massachusetts.

I will confess that I am a bit perturbed and disappointed that he opted for an U.S. motif. But, to be fair, that gave him the most scope for doing the buildings and surroundings. Nothing in the U.K. could have, realistically, been that busy and included both passenger and freight.

I am impressed and humbled. Way to go, Rod. Bravo.

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by Anura Guruge

The Picture Of The Day (Google Pixel 2) + 6 Also-Rans — November 13, 2019.

by Anura Guruge

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Taken with my Google Pixel 2 Phone.

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A reflection NH Anura Guruge Google Pixel 2

The also rans:

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by Anura Guruge