‘Cirque FLIP Fabrique — Blizzard’: We Got Tickets To See Them At The ‘HOP’, Dartmouth.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access the HOP listing.

Click to access their Website.

We like circuses. I don’t think you can go to enough. This year, as I far as I can recall, we have only been to one — and that was the delightful ‘Circus Smirkus‘, in Wolfeboro, in August.

Then today, we got a postcard from the HOP (at Dartmouth) advertising this circus. We haven’t been to the HOP in a longtime and there used to be a time when we used to go to 4 – 6 shows a year! So, this was an opportunity to rectify things.

Checked them out on the Web. Canadian and we know that Canada is now the home of world class circuses — starting with Cirque du Soleil. Six years ago we saw another AMAZING Canadian circus — i.e., CIRQUE ALFONSE ‘Timber’ — at the HOP. That was good. So, we are hoping that this might follow in the footsteps.

Last year, at Christmas, we went to ‘Cirque Dreams Holidaze’. That was OK but wasn’t worth writing home about. They are actually back in Manchester again this year but we decided to give them a miss. Then this came up.

We like Dartmouth, we like the HOP. So, this should be fun.

Of course I will keep you posted. SMILE.

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by Anura Guruge

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