Fiona Hill’s Denigration Of Great Britain Unfair & Uncalled For.

by Anura Guruge

Yes, of course, as everyone is raving about, she was impressive and I was proud that she was British by Birth. But, I was disappointed and saddened about her comments, at the start of her public testimony, when she tried to ingratiate herself with the public, by claiming that she would not have had the opportunities that she had if she had stayed in Great Britain — because she was a miner’s daughter and had a strong working class accent. Balderdash. Tripe. Garbage.

I am 9-years older than her and ALSO grew up in Great Britain and went to University there (x2). I was even MORE disadvantaged than her — and I still have a wog accent. I was NOT white, I had no family at all in Britain. I grew up, on my own, in Great Britain from the time I was 16 — my adoptive parents a continent away.

But, I never lacked for opportunity in Great Britain. I, given my limitations, got all the opportunities I needed and MORE. I never felt that I was held back when it came to opportunity.

So, yes, you are dying to say, ‘BUT you also came over the U.S. of A.’ Yes, very true.

But, I did NOT come over looking for opportunity! There were THREE (3) reasons I came over in 1985 and by far the MAIN one was to pay less taxes on my earings! Kind of the opposite of looking for opportunity. I was in the same boat as the famous British pop stars of that era. We were getting taxed way too much. How come in my case given that I was not a famous pop star. My first book (which did very well (thank you)) and the tons of seminars I was doing — on top of holding some very nice jobs with all the perks, including company cars. I did OK in the UK. Thank you.

The other two reasons had to do with the weather (given that I had not seen the sun in three full-months) and a divorce that was never-ending. The plan, however, was to restructure my finances and go back. What happened? Two American wives (one ex-) and four American children. That is my story.

IF I am to be brutally honest, Fiona Hill hasn’t done that great! She, in reality, is a mid-level Federal employee. She could have, easily, accent or not, reached similar heights in the U.K. government.

I know plenty of folks from poor backgrounds that have done Brilliantly in the U.K.

And we all know the poverty and the homelessness in the U.S.

I don’t want to make a Federal case out of this. All I want to stress is that the U.K. is not a third-world country where opportunity is hard to come by. That is all I want to stress.

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by Anura Guruge

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