Burning ‘Off-Road’ Diesel, At $2.60/Gallon, Very Successfully, In My Outdoor Tiki Torches (Rather Than Kerosene Or Citronella).

by Anura Guruge

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NO, I did NOT do this impulsively or recklessly. I have tremendous respect for fire and I did not want anything exploding or burning out of control.

But, I knew that you could burn kerosene in Tiki torches and that diesel and kerosene are closely related — the difference been the amount of ‘refinement’ they receive.

Diesel is far cheaper than ANY OTHER oil you can burn in a Tiki torch or an outdoor lamp. Since, I have my Tikis lit much of the evening I burn a lot of fuel. So, cost was the main motivator. I was NOT going to keep on buying kerosene at $11 a gallon when I am driving past gas stations selling diesel at $2.60/gallon.

So, I did a TON of research. Made sure that I was on solid and safe ground. Well, whatever you burn is flammable. No escaping that. But, I wanted to be careful.

I tried it gingerly. Standing well back. It worked. No different to burning anything else — other than it is smokier. But, I only burn outside well away from anything — and only in winter (when we have snow). So the smoke or smell doesn’t bother anyone.

So, that is the story. Do NOT take my word. Do your own research and convince yourself that there is nothing wrong doing this.

P.S., You can burn ‘off road’ diesel in your in-house oil furnace — and I have.

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by Anura Guruge


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