‘Revels North’ (Lebanon, NH) Christmas Revels Is This Weekend, December 21 — 23, 2019.

by Anura Guruge

Click image to access their Website.

I got hooked on ‘Revels‘, over 20-years ago, THANKS to ‘Revels North‘ (those days (actually until quite recently) at the HOP @ Dartmouth). We used to make a pilgrimage to Dartmouth, every December, to see ‘Revels’. Towards the end I started making a point of getting us front row seats. Became a tradition. Enjoying ‘Revels North’ from the front row. Saw some INCREDIBLE shows with them. Thank YOU ‘Revels North’.

We enjoyed ‘Revels’ so much that I started looking around for other shows and discovered the ‘mothership’ — ‘Revels’ in Cambridge. We started going to BOTH. That was a blast.

Going to Cambridge is quite a trip for us, especially in mid-December, in the dark, with all the rush-hour traffic. So, during the last few years we decided that one 90+ minute trip (oneway), just ahead of Christmas, for ‘Revels’, was enough. So, I have to confess, we sacrificed ‘Revels North’ and started going exclusively to Cambridge. I feel bad and guilty. ‘Revels North’ is a GREAT outfit.

Their shows are this coming weekend. We, however, are going to Cambridge, this week. Have front row — balcony seats.

But, I wanted you to know about ‘Revels North’. Check them out. You will enjoy their show and find it very rewarding.

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by Anura Guruge

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