‘Little Women’ (2019) Movie — Masterfully Crafted & Shot, And Yes, Heartwarming Too.

by Anura Guruge

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The 2017 U.K. BBC produced 2-part TV mini-series
shown on PBS ‘Masterpiece Theatre’ this last Summer.

The cinematography & production was masterful. A visual treat. The quality of the imagery was breathtaking. That is what saved this long (i.e., 2-hour, 10-minute) movie for I. I was just totally taken in by the artistry.

Of course we all know the story — though I, who didn’t grow up in the U.S. — had not read the book. But, I had seen the TV series — just this last Summer. And therein lay the problem. It was déjà vu repeated (SMILE). The BBC production, in terms of quality, was not that dissimilar. Watch the YouTube trailers above. Different casts, though as equally good I think, but very similar — and the ‘Masterpiece Theatre‘ showing had the advantage that it came in two-parts.

The movie is long. Teischan (13) who wanted to see it, though she had seen the PBS version, said that she got bored! Not good. But, 85% of that was that we had just seen the other less than 6-months ago. Our fault.

So, first and foremost. IF you saw the PBS version wait until this movie is available on ‘TV’. Go see something else. There is no shortage of decent movies right now.

IF you haven’t seen the PBS version I am sure you will LOVE this movie. Great story and the movie is immaculately produced. It cannot be faulted on its own — just when compared to the other production from just 2-years ago. Why you would spend all this money to make a movie when the BBC had done a TV version, basically in the same timeframe, is a mystery.

But, overall, I enjoyed it. So, I have given you the parameters.

Enjoy. Happy New Year.

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by Anura Guruge


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