Why BOTH The Australian & New Zealand Cricket Teams Are Wearing Black Armbands At The Sydney Test — The Bushfires.

by Anura Guruge

Click to access the Australian “Sporting News” original.

It was hard to miss with both sides wearing the black armbands.

Usually it is to mourn/mark the death of a famous national player or a family member of one of the players, e.g., to honor the death of 22-year old West Indian, Alzarri Joseph’s Mother in February 2019.

Well in this case it is different and I am NOT sure whether black is the right color.

Both teams, RIGHTLY, are honoring the fire and emergency crews that are fighting the horrendous bushfires burning all over Australia.

I am glad (and humbled) that the players are making this gesture. Bravo. Well done.

Just not sure that black is the right color.

Yes, there have been deaths and there will be more due these fires.

But, right now they are honoring those fighting the fires.

I would have preferred to see them wear another color, say red or orange.

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by Anura Guruge

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