Perfect Background Music — A Bhajan At That — For Indexing A 500-Page Book.

by Anura Guruge

The YouTube video.

Click to ENLARGE. My Adobe PDF-based, unique indexing method.

When I am writing I need absolute silence. I have to focus. So, no music or other distractions, whatsoever, even in the background. Has to be quiet. Still.

Not so after I have finished writing. Often when I am completing the production of a book (and I am on my 31st, I think) I like some soothing music — to keep me going.

This is very true when I am indexing a book. I still index my books by hand. The so called automated methods are too cumbersome and unreliable. 40-years ago I, while working for IBM, I wrote an indexing program for computer program listings. If I was as good at programming as I then was, I could try and write one. But, for now I index using my own unique method.

I use the Adobe PDF search function. I already have the book as a PDF. So, there is no extra step here.

I use Adobe Search on each word I am going to index and just transcribe the page numbers kindly & conveniently provided for I by Adobe. See image above. So, per that example, I know that the word ‘Domus’ appears on page 4 of the book. Now it is just a case of banging that page number, viz., 4, into the index entry. Very mechanical, but tedious and time-consuming.

So, I like to have some soothing music to keep me going. What music I choose depends on the circumstances. Thirty years ago I have used Garth Brooks. Oliver Mtukudzi has served me well for more than one book. I have also known to rely on ‘Chant‘ music. An Indian version of ‘chant’ is ‘bhajan’ — a type of devotional music. It can be hypnotic an very relaxing. So, today I went looking in YouTube for Bhajans. Found this one, serendipitously. It is long, and it worked well.

I wanted to share it with you. Enjoy.

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by Anura Guruge

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