Making Tracks On Virgin Snow Across A Frozen Pond In Alton, N.H. — Temp. -12C (10F).

by Anura Guruge

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So, why didn’t I walk all the way to the island? Good question. That, of course, was the plan. Explore the island. I have never been to it — Summer or Winter. This is not a pond that I have explored though I drive or walk by it often. It is in Town — not close to home and my daily hikes. This was the first time I had ventured onto it. As you can see there were no other tracks since the snowstorm 3-days ago. That makes me cautious. Don’t want to fall through the ice again. There is a river on the other side of the road and I wasn’t sure if there was any moving water below the ice. Moving water isn’t good. Well, as I got to the island I ran into mush — water above the ice. Not good. The ice was probably thick enough but I was not in the mood to get my feet wet. So, that is the full story.

The short hike across the pond was but a diversion on a longer walk — most of it close to water. I was waiting for somebody to finish some testing at school. So, I only had, at most, 1.5 hours. I was timing myself. Did good. Timed it to 5-minutes. It all worked out. She was ready to be picked up. I did close to 4-miles. I topped it up and got my 10K steps for the morning when we got home. Nice walk. I enjoyed it.

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by Anura Guruge

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