My ‘Google Pixel 4’ Now Has The ‘Android 10’, March 5, 2020 Update — Two-Days Early.

by Anura Guruge

Kind of cool to have a ‘March 5’ update already installed on March 3rd.

But, I do have a Google Pixel 4 and I am led to believe that Pixel 4 owners get first dibs — as it SHOULD be. SMILE.

I had read about the March ‘feature drop’ for Pixel 4s as of the weekend. I didn’t need any of the new features, BUT I like having the latest update, if nothing else for all the bug fixes and behind the scene refinements.

I checked for the update yesterday; Monday, March 2nd. Nada.

Checked this afternoon around 4pm. Bingo.

Haven’t used the phone (really) since the update. So, I can’t tell if everything is still copacetic. I assume and hope so.

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by Anura Guruge

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