The Next Pope: It Might Be The RETURN Of The Customary Italian Pope.

by Anura Guruge

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Guruge 2020 Papabili Series — #III

There is the famous adage: ‘a fat pope is followed by a thin pope‘.

In this instance it would be: ‘an unconventional pope is followed by a conventional pope‘.

Francis, by measure, was unconventional. For a start he was the first pope in centuries who had spent very little time in Rome. Francis’ exposure to Rome (and as such with the Vatican) was essentially non-existent. He did not have any education or training in Rome (or Italy) and he did not hold any significant curial roles of note. This might be a clue to why he has proved to be such an outsider within the Vatican.

Plus, he, despite his heritage, was non-European.

Francis has rocked the boat. He has not proved to be the pope that folks had thought and hoped.

It is now 42-years since the last Italian pope!

The Avignon papacy lasted 69-years.

I have a feeling that the next conclave is going to gravitate towards picking a traditional pope — at a minimum European. No exotics this time around.

But, they could go further. Go the whole hog, and opt for an Italian.

There are 22 Italian cardinal electors — as you can see.

This is my first cut. I will refine this Italian list over the next few weeks.

What are YOUR thoughts?

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by Anura Guruge

2 thoughts on “The Next Pope: It Might Be The RETURN Of The Customary Italian Pope.

  1. prospero

    Referring to future candidates aged about 75 years the Italian “vaticanista” Sandro Magister mentions three names: Ouellet, Schönborn and Robert Sarah from Guinea. Sarah (since 2001 a member of the Roman Curia) is a steadfast traditionalist following the “Wojtyla-Ratzinger path”. It is no secret that he is in quite sharp contrast to pope Francis.In a forthcoming conclave he might be backed by the cardinals of the Curia who eventually could promote him as a compromise candidate. All in all he is definitely to be considered as the first African cardinal with real good prospects.

    1. Anura Guruge Post author

      I really, really doubt Sarah. Cannot see how he can pull together a coalition that will give him 2/3rd majority. He has upset too many and has been accused of LYING! SMILE.


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