1st New Hampshire Coronavirus Patient, Medical Professional No Less, Who Did NOT Self-Isolate Should Be CHARGED & Fired.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE & read here. This was from: wokq.com. Google for more.

Yes, we know that it is a male, he works at ‘Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center‘ (DHMC) in Hanover, he caught it in Italy and that he was instructed by the hospital to self-isolate.

He was told to self-isolate on Friday.

But, that evening he attended a private, invitation-only function attended by STUDENTS. He knew that!

That is criminal.

He can’t claim that he was ‘unaware’ since he works for Dartmouth — though Dartmouth is not immune from hiring idiots.

If anybody dies, after catching the virus from him, he should be charged with MANSLAUGHTER. Simple as that, because that is what it is.

That DHMC has not fired him as yet is also inexcusable.

They claim that he did NOT come into contact with any patients. I don’t really believe them. SMILE.

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by Anura Guruge

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