Can YOU Really Be Sure That Coronavirus (COVID-19) Test Results Are TRUE?

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. Look at top. What I got when I search Google News.

IF you are news junkie as I am, you would have heard that the first batch of Coronavirus test kits sent to Seattle — to that infected Nursing Care facility — were defective.

You did KNOW that … right?

Those tests claimed ‘negative’ though that was NOT the case.

Yes, I am a professional cynic.

I have previously wondered whether hospitals/labs really test your blood! They can just make up numbers. Come on. This is the U.S. of A.

So, I am not 100% convinced that the Coronavirus test kits are all totally kosher.

Think about it. THINK.

You get a negative result, they tell you it is just a bad case of the normal flu. What next ….


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by Anura Guruge

2 thoughts on “Can YOU Really Be Sure That Coronavirus (COVID-19) Test Results Are TRUE?

  1. WeaverGrace

    I think that it’s healthy to question the validity/accuracy of any test. I understand that some people get sick easier than others, therefor a few COVID molecules could kill one person, and many COVID molecules could cause no problem in another person.

    Also, the test only examines one sample from one location in the body. That location might have very few COVID molecules while another location could be overwhelmed with them.

    A friend of mine died the other day. He tested negative for COVID 3 times, so was not included in the death count for COVID, but his doctors said that he clearly had the familiar pattern of the disease.

    I understand that many people in New York City aren’t being tested because doctors are so familiar with the symptoms, they don’t see a need to use the limited number of available tests on obvious cases, so the number affected is actually higher than the reported number of positive test cases.

    Thanks for bringing up this matter.

    1. Anura Guruge Post author

      I am real sorry to hear about your friend’s death. WOW. I lead a fairly sheltered life, and YOU are the 1st person I know of who knows somebody, personally, who died. That must change everything. I know of one friend, in sunny San Diego, who claims he recovered after 4-days.
      One thing you said was V. Interesting. He was tested 3 times! WOW, again. As you know most people can’t get tested even once.
      This is tragic and concerning.
      Thanks for sharing, Grace. Again, I am sorry for your loss. Stay SAFE.


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