I Got Lost In The Woods Today — Had To Call ‘911’ To Have Me Talked Out!

by Anura Guruge

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Elevation was an issue.
No paths/no trails & GPS was telling me to go UP!
Did NOT want to risk going too far …

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The views from the TOP before I got lost.

It has been 27-years since I lost got lost in New Hampshire. Given the amount of walking/hiking I do, I consider that not a bad record.

Kind of crazy. Had a premonition all morning that I was going to get LOST! Maybe I set out to get lost.

Patchy snow cover. So, I couldn’t always follow my tracks.

The map on my Garmin Fenix 6 Pro is too small and NO bloody good with my eyesight. Yes, my fault.

I had GPS and Google MAPS on my phone (Google Pixel 4) and it showed me where I was heading. But, the terrain was not helpful and I felt I was going the wrong way. It was slippery and heavily wooded. I did not want to hurt myself. That would be have complicated matters. So, I called ‘911’.

They were very nice and I offered to pay. They didn’t come into the woods to get me out. SMILE. They also did not have a GPS that showed them where I was at any given time.

They basically talked me out. Had the two dogs with I. I had to make Braxton bark. They would listen to his bark when we were in range. That is how we walked out — way on the other side of where I had gone in. How did I get Braxton to bark. I would have to tie him to a tree and walk away. He would bark. Not ideal, but that was the only way. I never went far, and he could see me. So, he wasn’t really scared. He saved the day. The Golden doesn’t bark if I am around! She is just happy.

So, that was quite the adventure. ‘They’ were very nice. I knew a couple of them. Need to get a better Compass APP for my phone.

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by Anura Guruge

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