We Tore Down Our Old Tree House Today, To Keep Our Damned Insurance Company Happy.

by Anura Guruge

Learning to use a chainsaw (electric be it) is a VALUABLE life skill.

This is her latest power tool — having mastered the Power Saw last year. She can also operate the 3-stage, snowblower.

She wants to help out her old father.

She was too young to help when we put this up, like 10-years ago.

But, she is sure old enough to help take it down.

In case you are wondering, our DAMNED insurance company, new as of last September, is ‘Central Insurance’. What a PAIN. I offered to give them a letter waiving their liability. NOPE.

Well it is done.

Here are some YouTube videos to amuse you. WAIT for the SMILE.

I had to show her ….

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by Anura Guruge


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