An Improved Squirrel Feeder — If You Can’t Beat Them, Just Feed Them (At Least With Squirrels).

by Anura Guruge

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We have a number of large bird feeders & we try to have them filled year round.

We also have a lot squirrels — most likely because we have so many bird feeders.

For Christmas 2019 I got us, as a family, this $135 ‘Yankee Flipper‘ squirrel buster, bird feeder.

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Yes, it works!

Yes, it is FUN to see it foiling squirrels. They, however, learn quickly. No, not how to beat it, but to avoid it. They had worked out that if they can shake it enough, from the top, plenty of seed fell out, onto the ground, for them to feast on.

Well, a couple of weeks ago this $135 feeder went MISSING! Wife suspects bears & racoons. I suspect our reprobate — and very cheap — neighbours!

I was going to get another one & might still do.

In the interim we are experimenting with slightly less expensive — i.e., $40 — feeders.

But, I decided that we should get SOME squirrel feeders too! I ordered two. The above was the first to arrive.

I knew that I had to modify it. Squirrels love to eat corn. I got some CORN LOGS. Each log is SUPPOSED to be equivalent to 10 – 12 ears of corn. IF so, it is economical. Will have to see.

Well, it was easy enough to add a ‘spike’ to mount corn on the house. We are going to put popcorn in it. Yesterday, I started with bread. Bread is all gone.

I have some of the spike sticking out & bent to prevent them from running away with the log. I might have to modify that. I do NOT want to hurt the buggers. I actually kind of like squirrels. They are cute enough. SMILE.

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by Anura Guruge

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