‘Jardiance’ TV Commercials For Type II Diabetes Featuring An OBESE Guy Is Criminal!

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. Link to video below.

Click image to access the TV commercial video.

Over the last few days I have not been able to avoid this Jardiance ad — and it INFURIATES I.


Isn’t it obvious?

This ad is bloody criminal.

This FAT guy, ‘Dimitri’, needs to LOSE weight — not take a drug.

Plain & simple as that.

If he lost 80 pounds he wouldn’t need Jardiance.

No mention at all that he needs to stop pigging out, exercise more & lose 80 pounds.

Annoys me intensely. It is criminal.

We should NOT be encouraging bad behavior & saying it is OK to be obese … we have a magic, EXPENSIVE pill for YOU.

Yes, there was a Trulicity commercial too — and I objected.

Click to access my post.

Diabetes is something I live with every day. The reason I exercise and watch my diet (though not that successfully of late) is for my diabetes.

Then I see these bloody ads.

Every SINGLE man shown is very overweight if not obese. Of course they are going to be diabetic. Obeseness is a leading cause for diabetes.

Lose 80 pounds. It can be done.

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by Anura Guruge

2 thoughts on “‘Jardiance’ TV Commercials For Type II Diabetes Featuring An OBESE Guy Is Criminal!

  1. Richard Truely

    Mr Guruge – I have an off topic (for this post) question that I’ve wondered about for a while and thought you may know where to find an answer.

    I think I recall reading a long time ago that during one of the sessions of Vatican II there is a photograph of the Synod Fathers which shows the Cardinal Bishops with some slightly different vestments or marks of their order relative to the other cardinals.

    Do you know anything about this? Is there any difference in the dress of cardinals relative to their membership in the three different orders within the college? I’ve scoured the web and haven’t found anything that indicates so.

    If it turns out there is no difference then I’ll be a bit surprised since for most things in the hierarchy there seem to be many subtle but jealously guarded marks of rank.

    Thanks – Richard


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