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A Bear In Our Yard Again. I Went Out To Get Some Pictures.

by Anura Guruge

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Two weeks ago. Check this post.

Around 9pm tonight. I was having dinner watch TV.

Teischan (14) heard a noise, came downstairs & saw the bear through the window. I heard Braxton starting to bark. Maya was with I, downstairs.

I went outside to look. It had moved from the house to the road. It growled at I. I didn’t have my phone. Came in got my phone & my headlights. Went out. We watched each other. Fair size bear. Might have been the mother. I couldn’t tell.

He/She was kind of cute. Ate all the birdseed from that bird feeder.

Destroyed ANOTHER. See below. Again, as with the other two times it was the MOST expensive we had! Like Teischan commented, it is like they know.

Our fault. For about a week, I, religiously, brought in ALL the bird feeders. Assumed they must have moved on.

What is amusing is that I go out walking, often with both dogs, around 10:30pm. Never seen a bear on those walks.

Well, lesson learned. I am cool. I have no quarrels with bears. They have a right to the land. Our fault.

The main feeder he/she destroyed tonight.
Had it for just under a month. $42 + $16 for the pole.
Getting to be an expensive hobby. Over $210 in lost bird feeders just this Spring.

While we are bummed about the feeders, the bears do not bother I.

I like bears. Never been TOO close to one, but I have no quarrels or fear of them.

I am happy that they got something to eat. SMILE.

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by Anura Guruge