The Very 1st Pictures From My New Panasonic ZS80 — I Got From ‘Cardinal Camera’.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE — any & all.

First two pictures, i.e., ’01’ & ’02’.

A few others from the first batch of 39
(some to be posted later in ‘Pictures of the Day‘)

Click to access the ‘Cardinal Camera’ Website.

Once I sold my Canon EOS RP in April, I did say that I might get a Panasonic ZS200 as a replacement. Well, I did. But, I haven’t unboxed it yet!

Due to some intense ‘horse-trading’ involving trade-ins & a very unexpected Panasonic $200 rebate on the ZS200, I ended up getting BOTH a ZS200 & ZS80!

Why? ZS200 has the bigger sensor I seek & the ZS80 has a long-zoom I like. Different horses for different courses. Quality vs. reach.

I will use the ‘inexpensive’ (can be banged about) ZS80 on my travels & when I am hiking. With its zoom I will be able to capture the long-shots I so cherish.

The ZS200 will be for more REFINED work. Yes, it will go with me on my travels but I will not lug it around as much.

Anywho, these are my first pictures with the ZS80. As always, with a new camera, I started off in FULL-AUTO mode.

They are OK. I will work on them.

I got both cameras on Tuesday — 5-days ago! With the rush to publish the ‘comet book’ I didn’t get to the cameras till today. Yes, I had tow brand new cameras sitting in their boxes, untouched, for 5-days. That is my life.

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by Anura Guruge

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