A Modern Day ‘Sistine Ceiling’ Starts To Take Shape.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

OK, it is a wall rather than a ceiling, & it is paint as opposed to a fresco. Plus, Michelangelo had at least 35-years on her.

I named ‘her’ (though I did NOT know whether it was a he or she at the time) after the great Titian 6-months BEFORE she was born. True, Titian was not much into large scale works but I am sure he would have approved. I couldn’t go with ‘Michelangelo’ because it had to be BOTH unisex & subtle. Hence, Teischan.

All the walls in her room are painted. They tell a story!

She is now branching out. This is a wall in the family room! It is HER house. I can’t sell it. She wants it the way it is. She moved here when she was 1. Only house she remembers. Only house she has lived in since she was 1. It is hers! So, she can do what she wants. No. No. No. She is not indulged. And heaven forbid, she is definitely not spoilt. SMILE.

I have permission to take pictures of this wall! I can’t post pictures of her other walls. She doesn’t want the world to see them. It is her story, her walls.

I have to buy the paint. So, this is how she is going to pay me: “you can take pictures of the wall“!

So, stay tuned. She is still waiting on 8 colors. 3 came today (Sunday). It will take some time before this is finished.

P.S., I was just thinking as I took this picture. If only Michelangelo had had 1,500W lighting rather than candles.

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by Anura Guruge

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