Braxton’s 7th Birthday; No McDonald’s, Instead Picnic In The Woods With Homemade Burgers.

by Anura Guruge

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For the last 12-years the tradition has been to always take them both, on each other’s birthdays, to McDonald’s at Alton Circle, for burgers (and of late ice cream).

But then came COVID-19.

On May 15, 2020, we made an EXCEPTION & went to McDonald’s for Maya’s 9th birthday. I did NOT like it. Was not a very sanitary experience — as I outlined. So, much so that I got an e-mail from McDonald’s apologizing & a gift card for ONE (whole) burger! Didn’t fancy another full-contact credit card transaction.

So, I went to Hannaford, earlier in the day, & bought some premium, Hannaford-made burgers. Then I cooked them. I cook their burgers WELL. I eat mine basically raw! (Does that make sense?)

I was going to take them to the McDonald’s parking lot! But, it was HOT. 90F.

So, instead, I took them for a picnic in the woods so that they can run around. A route that they are familiar with. Worked out well. Cooler. No one around.

But, we will be back at McDonald’s next year or year after — post-COVID. They know the routine.

Year’s Past




2014 — 1st Birthday

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by Anura Guruge

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