Yet Another Bear Attack Last Night (With Video); 4th Of This Summer — BUT Totally Our Fault.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

Bent the metal post —
that I had fixed with a metal bar after last attack!

4th KNOWN visit — 3rd time we have caught them; twice on video, other time on camera (IN PERSON). 1st Video (May 11, 2080). When I went out with camera to take pictures (May 26, 2020).

We forgot to bring the bird feeder in! Our fault. After the last attack, on May 26, we had a system. One of us would bring it in & the other would check! Well, the system failed last night. No, we had forgotten a few other times BUT we had lucked out. Kind of thought the bear must have moved on. Yesterday it rained. That kind of messed up our schedule. But, no excuses. IF we had remembered to bring in THE feeder this would not have happened.

YET AGAIN, the feeder is GONE. Not in our yard. We have lost 4 feeders — for a total of over $400! This one was BIG, but plain. I don’t think it cost much. But, YIKES.


Around 1am. I went out for a walk at 11pm. I am NOT afraid of bears BUT it would not have been that exciting to walk into him/her!

Well. That is IT. No more hanging bird feeders. We have two window feeders on windows NOT accessible to bears.

Feeder he stole last night. I liked it. BIG & simple (kind of like I).

The main feeder he/she destroyed last time — May 26.
Had it for just under a month. $42 + $16 for the pole.
Getting to be an expensive hobby. Over $210 in lost bird feeders just this Spring.

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by Anura Guruge

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