The Great ‘Titian’ Would Have Approved Of His Modern Namesake ‘Teischan’ (14) — The Renaissance Girl.

by Anura Guruge

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The great renaissance artists prided themselves on being multifaceted; multitalented. They could adroitly turn their hands to many things. Well, Teischan is following suit.

Today she wanted to use the power saw to cut some shelves to size. She has been proficiently using this saw for the last 2-years. I am impressed. I just stand & watch — and take pictures much to her chagrin.

So, this is her Summer. The 5′ mandala is nearly done. So, in between, she is RE-MODELLING her room — YET again. She does this like 3-times a year — Summer, Christmas & Easter.

Well, I am NOT complaining. I am TRYING to get her to start DRIVING. She has a CAR. Yes, a Jag. SMILE. Not mine. I have a Jag. She has a Jag.

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by Anura Guruge

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