USB Charging ‘Pucks’/Stands For Garmin Fenix — Much Better Than What Garmin Supplies.

by Anura Guruge

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My two Garmin Fenix 6s, both Titanium, one (on right) Solar.

I like to have a SPARE USB charging cable (at home) & another in my camera bag (permanently) for when I am travelling. Dread getting caught out without a charging cable — & a dying Fenix 6.

So, I went looking for a replacement cable — knowing that the cheaper ones, though they WORK, do NOT charge as fast as the fat/thick cable from Garmin.

I came across these. They had decent reviews. You couldn’t beat the price! I have seen single non-Garmin cables that were these prices — & that was for one Garmin-like, simple cable.

So, I ordered one of each. That was still CHEAPER than one Garmin cable. So, yes, 4 for less than one from Garmin.

I have had them for a couple of weeks. I have used both types. They are BOTH GOOD. Charging is fast. No issues. Garmin Express sees no difference.

I started off with the puck. I liked it. Watch lay flat on the table.

Then I tried the stand. Seems to take up less room on my already cluttered work table. So, I am using the stand right now.

I have encountered no issues. They work. They sure do. Charging is NOT slow.

I much prefer this to the Garmin cable. That it did not support the watch always bothered I.

So ….

Just letting you know. SMILE.

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by Anura Guruge

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