3 New Comets Discovered In August 2020; 2 Periodics & Other With An Extremely High Eccentricity.

by Anura Guruge

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These discoveries have just been confirmed — within the week, i.e., August 2, 2020.

Two, i.e., P/2020 O1 & P/2020 O3, are periodicals — in that they have orbital periods that are less than 200-years. Actually both of these have comparatively short orbital periods, i.e., 4.3 & 10 years. That also means that they don’t go very far from the Sun (or us). Also interesting that both these were discovered right after their most recent perihelions. Their next ones are way out.

Not so with the non-periodic, i.e., C/2020 O2. It is due to perihelion a year from now. Its orbital period has yet to be established. But, note its eccentricity. It is over ‘1’. Anything 1 or over has HIGH eccentricity by definition.

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by Anura Guruge


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