Germany’s PROPOSED Mandatory Dog Walking Law — My Take, As A Fervent Dog Walker.

by Anura Guruge


I love it especially because I encounter it, first hand, at least TWICE A DAY. That is how often I walk my dogs — without fail. They go out, play in the yard etc. etc., BUT they get TWO PROPER walks each & every day. Well every time I take them out we encounter the dog next door. Fairly big, healthy, male dog. He is kept in with an invisible fence (though he has escaped a few times). IF he is lucky he gets walked ONCE every TWO MONTHS! That is BLOODY WRONG. That is criminal. Makes me mad. But, nothing I can do. Their pathetic excuse would be that they have a big yard & the dog can run around. Not the same as a WALKIE.

Walking is also a bond. That PACK animal thing. Walking is going out with the pack. Yes, that I have two dogs reinforces that.

I would love to see mandatory dog walking laws over here.

But, it has to be on a SLIDING SCALE.

One size will not fit all.

Yes, my dogs could walk 1-hour a day. They used to walk 2-hours a day.

But, now I have cut back because Maya — at 9 — is getting OLD. 1 hour, especially in the heat, would just about be her limit, & I see no point of subjecting her to that.

So, the ‘length’ per day has to be based on AGE, size & health. Yes, you might have to get a WAIVER from a vet.

But, a GREAT start. I am happy. Something that I can applaud from Germany. SMILE.

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by Anura Guruge

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