Android 10 (On Google Pixel 4) WILL NOT Support External USB Storage!

by Anura Guruge

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I spent 10-hours today trying to get my Google Pixel 4 (running Android 10) to recognize USB attached storage.


It is basically said to be a SECURITY improvement.

Yes, Yes, Yes. I went into ‘Developer Mode‘ & enabled USB Debugging & set the USB options. I did it multiple times. No joy.

Works find with my Google Pixel 2.

Yes, I looked at multiple posts & YouTubes. Yes, I tried with a PC too.

I want to be able to backup photos from my Pixel 4 when I do NOT have Wi-Fi — i.e., when I am travelling in the wilds. Was NOT really an issue when I used cameras. I would use multiple SD cards. That way I could minimize what I would lose if I lost/damaged a camera or card. Basically trying to duplicate that with the phone. IF I drop my phone from a cliff on my 2nd day hiking I would rather NOT also lose all my pictures from Day 1. Makes sense — right? There is always method to my madness.

Looks like USB attached doesn’t work.

So, now going to look at Wi-Fi storage — with a built-in ‘hotspot’. I will keep you posted. SMILE.

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by Anura Guruge

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