Pregnant USPS Mail Carrier Turns Amazon Prime On Its Head.

by Anura Guruge

Our mail carrier is pregnant & I am DELIGHTED for her. I am 100% behind her in terms of HER rights, SAFETY. health & comfort. IF I had my way I want all pregnant women to have at least 18-months of fully paid maternity leave. I hate to see heavy pregnant women having to work. Hate to see mother’s having to go back to work within weeks of giving birth. This is NOT a sexist post. I am a great supporter of pregnant & breastfeeding women.

This post is JUST about USPS policy & Amazon Prime.

I get my dog food from Amazon Prime on a subscription basis. 30lb bag every 4-weeks. Was delivered a month ago, no problem.


She can now only carry 20lbs. So, we had to go the Post Office & pick it up. Ah!

Well, I had two phone conversations with Amazon & one with USPS.

The baby is not due till mid-February 2021. She plans to work till close to that. Ah?

She will be pregnant during Christmas.

This could be problematic.

What do YOU think?

We do NOT go by the Post Office every day. Lucky if we go by it twice a week.

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by Anura Guruge


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