Garmin ‘Venu SQ (Music)’: GPS Distance, HR, Pace etc. Very Accurate. Very Slight Overcounting Of Steps.

by Anura Guruge

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I have done two walks with the Venu SQ with it side-by-side (on my left wrist) next to my Fenix 6 Solar PRO.

One walk last night was just under a mile; this morning’s walk was 5.45 miles.

GPS distance was within 0.03-mile. 5.45 on the Fenix vs 5.48 on the Venu SQ. That is not bad. On the short night walk the Venu was out by just 10-steps! Over the 5.45-miles it overcounted by 320 steps. That, from my experience, is not bad at all, at all.

GPS distance on the Fenix 6 is fairly reliable. I have checked it against multiple other Fenixs, a MARQ, Fitbits, Polars, AMAZFITs not to mention phones & cars. Difficult to ever get two devices to be exactly spot on re. GPS, but my Fenix 6 is within the acceptable band. I test all other watches against it – at least to start with. I am happy with the Venu SQ. I have seen some HOWLERS this year – though not from Garmin. SMILE. So, that is all good & encouraging. 3% overcount is tolerable. I am sure I could optimize it if I messed around with stride length. Started using the Venu SQ as my primary (& thus only) watch as of this afternoon. I have tried some new watch faces & a very FINE all-in-one Data Field for walking. With that one Data Field I get all the data, on one screen, as I was with a customized screen on my Fenix 6. More on that on a later review. For now – thumbs up.

Please click to access the “Heart Rate Monitors USA” (HRM USA) product page. You will not regret it. ONLY place to buy Garmins & Fitbits in the U.S. Honest.

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by Anura Guruge

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