Pope Francis Has Become Increasingly More Unhinged & Erratic, Like Trump.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. A quick Google search on ‘Pope Francis cardinals’.

Just 3 things to consider right now:

  1. He is meeting folks, in Trump like gatherings, without a MASK! Not cool, not wise.
  2. This totally against the grain endorsement of ‘gay union‘ has roiled & divided the Church. Uncalled for right now.
  3. But, what really got my GOAT. He is again going to WAY EXCEED the 120 cardinal elector limit when he creates his latest batch of cardinals. Barring deaths we will be 6 to 8 cardinals electors ABOVE the 120 limit THROUGHOUT 2021. That is beyond crazy. Unless he changes the 120 limit, which he can easily do with just a simple memo, he is playing with fire. If there were to be a conclave all hell will break loose! Not cool. Uncalled for.

No reason for any of this.

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by Anura Guruge

4 thoughts on “Pope Francis Has Become Increasingly More Unhinged & Erratic, Like Trump.

  1. Richard Truely

    Mr. Guruge,

    It doesn’t seem to me that Francis is doing anything out of his ordinary practice with respect to his recent appointments that top up the College to greater than 120. Throughout his pontificate it seems to me that he has followed one path and that is to stack the College men that he thinks share his vision.

    After all, he has much gymnastics to ensure that he gets ‘his men’ in scarlet. Who else has raised an Auxiliary BIshop? And his denial of the Archbishop of LA and others in sees that traditionally have red hats is pretty obvious.

    So I don’t see this as anything unusual for him. He probably figures that as he ages it is more important than ever for him to constantly ensure that the voting Cardinals are fully in sync with his views.

    Richard Truley

      1. Richard Truely

        I’m not sure, but I suspect all the electors would be allowed into the conclave even if the numbers exceed 120.

        I was looking through Part II of UNIVERSI DOMINICI GREGIS and section 33 is the one that sets the maximum number of electors at 120. Beyond that in sections 35-40 great pains are taken to include all electors. It certainly seems that the spirit of that part of the document is to be inclusive rather than exclusive in terms of filling up the conclave.

        Also it is difficult to imagine on what basis certain eligible electors would be allowed into the conclave in favor of others; maybe the only reasonable way would be seniority in the college? But are newly appointed Cardinal Priests senior or junior to previously appointed Cardinal Deacons?

        It gets confusing fast and I can’t really imagine the college sorting this stuff out under the glare of an impending conclave.


      2. Anura Guruge Post author

        There is NO confusion in UDG or when it was edicted by Paul VI. “The maximum number of cardinal electors MUST NOT EXCEED 120”. Where is the wriggle room in this?

        If there are over 120 IT would violate Clause 33 & folks could legitimately claim that the election was NOT canonical. & folks like I will AGREE.

        So …

        Francis can fix this with a SINGLE TWEET. But, he like Trump, has lost his marbles.


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