Fitbit ‘Sense’ (From ‘HeartRate Monitors USA’), Attractive, ECG, GPS & Stress Management.

by Anura Guruge

Click to access the ‘HRM USA’ product listing.

Side-by-Side with Fitbit ‘Versa 2‘.

Thanks to ‘HRM USA‘ we got a Fitbit ‘Inspire’ today — so we can check it out. When it comes to Fitbit’s my wife is the expert, whereas my speciality & druthers is Garmin.

She has been wearing a Fitbit ‘Versa 2‘ for over a year & loves it. It was kind of hard to get her to part with it so as to try the Inspire.

At first sight, as you can see from the two pictures above, they look very similar. But, I think the Inspire is fractionally smaller & appears to have a fancier, slightly domed screen.

The Inspire, like the Versa 2, has an awesome, eye-pleasing display.

The ECG functionality is built-in, straight out of the box & easy enough to use. You can see the results above.

Very impressed so far. I will keep you posted. I will take it walking with me later this week to check out the step count & GPS.

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by Anura Guruge

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