Bolting Together A Tree That Split In Half During Last Week’s Heavy Snowstorm.

by Anura Guruge

This is our so called ‘Family Tree’. We planted it, in front of the house, about 12-years ago, within a year of moving in (or so). It was knee high to begin with. It has grown tall, but it is lanky.

IF you look closely at the pictures you will see black tar. That limb had separated, albeit still attached, a few years ago. I strapped it tight, propped it up & nursed it back to health again. It healed & mended.

Then, not last weekend, but the one before that, in the huge snowstorm we had, with very heavy snow — it split & separated.

It has been lying on the ground since then. Today was the first day I could get to it BECAUSE of my cataract surgery! I was not supposed to do anything strenuous. Today was NOT the best day to do this. IT WAS COLD. Plus, I didn’t have many to help me.

So getting someone to hold it straight & tight was a problem. I wish I could have had more help. But, I think I can prevail.

I have filled the gap with Miracle Grow & a sugar mixture. I have some stuff coming from Amazon. I think the cold/winter will help. The tree is dormant. I will get working in the Spring. I will keep you updated.

I have had luck with fixing trees. This tree is now close to 30′. I planted it 13-years ago, when it was about 4′ high. During its 2nd winter it too got hit by snow & ice. I bound it back together. You can see how it has healed. That is the ‘hole’. It was in two. I joined it back together. It is one mighty & healthy tree.

I also fixed one of its branches. NO. NO. Not the one that is now broken. The one below it! I was supporting the injured one on the branch that is now broken. This one will be easy to fix. Smile.

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by Anura Guruge

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