Snow That Split My Tree In Half MIGHT Help Heal It Now That I Bolted It Back.

by Anura Guruge

Bolting the two halves together.

The two halves are well supported & I have numerous bolts & nails holding them together. BUt, since the split is only about 18″ from the ground I had been thinking of building a small retaining wall around the tree & filling it with earth & fertilizer. Basically burying the wound underground so that it could heal in peace. Maybe take root. But, first I had to let the snow melt.

Then yesterday we got 20″ more of snow. The split is buried. To make sure we shoveled more snow around the tree. So, now we have a mound of snow around the tree. The wound, packed in Miracle Grow, is well buried. This might help. It sure will NOT do any harm. Of that I am sure. It will be March, the earliest, before all that snow around the tree will melt. Then I can go ahead with my retaining wall.

The tree at night.

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by Anura Guruge

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