The Bird Feeder Next To My Desk/PC, 45′ In The Air, With Its Colorful Buffet.

by Anura Guruge

Those of you who have been longtime followers of this blog know that we like bird feeders  . We have quite a few — though we have been forced to pare back after our four bear attacks this Summer, & I am the first to admit that it was OUR fault & not the bears in that, each time, we forgot to bring the feeders in.

Now our emphasis is on window feeders in places that bears can’t reach.

I jerry-rigged this one. It is not a birdfeeder per se. It is a metal shelving unit I modified to hang outside my office window. It is about 4′ feet from my right hand as I type.

I have to open the window, even in the winter, to fill it. I don’t mind. It tooks MONTHS before the birds discovered it. It is WAY UP. I guess they didn’t expect to find a feeder. That is why I try to make it colorful.

The white background. SNOW. Not PhotoShop. SNOW. Snow on the garage roof which is below.

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by Anura Guruge

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