How Many Miles Did YOU Walk On Christmas Day To Justify Your Indulgence?

by Anura Guruge

I walked just under 6-miles as you can see from my Garmin read-out above.

It was raining. Not hard. But, persistent. I wore TWO rain jackets, one of top of the other to keep me dry. It worked.

It was WARM. Warmest Christmas I can remember — in 35-years in New Hampshire. In the 50s F. Definitely ‘F’. SMILE. 50s. Snow was melting like crazy.

I only managed to walk 12,000 steps on Christmas Eve since I had to go pick up a car, in Vermont, with my daughter. So, I needed to compensate.

Plus, I knew I would be cooking a 8lbs ham — & that I would eat a 1/4 of that myself. SMILE.

So, it worked out. I think I expended just about enough calories for all that I consumed later in the evening.

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by Anura Guruge

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