I Walked 2,800 Miles (4,480 Km) In 2020, 1,000 Miles More Than I Did In 2019.

by Anura Guruge

Busting my knee on February 28, 2019, when I slipped on ice, & the amazingly successful surgery a week later, proved to be an EYE OPENER, a turning-point in my life. I had been walking/running prior to that, BUT my busted knee (& pre-diabetic blood glucose levels) told me that I had to UP my game.

I did.

It has now become second nature. I just put in the steps.

So, it can be done.

IF I can do it, then anyone can.

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by Anura Guruge

4 thoughts on “I Walked 2,800 Miles (4,480 Km) In 2020, 1,000 Miles More Than I Did In 2019.

  1. TasView

    Well done! I switched from a Fitbit to a Garmin watch last year and they measure activities and sleep differently, I think the Garmin is more accurate with less false movement, roughly 9000 steps on the Garmin equals 10000 for the Fitbit. My blood glucose is also a bit high. After taking up mountain biking only a few months ago, I can feel I have quickly gained fitness levels and push myself much harder and longer than I would running or walking. Today before dinner I rode further and climbed more than previous rides and could have kept going. My recovery rate seems to improve with every ride. It’s important to find something you enjoy to keep you fit and motivated.

    1. Anura Guruge Post author

      Bravo. What Garmin do you have? I have the Fenix 6 Titanium Solar. I lucked OUT. I evaluate Garmins, Fitbits & Polars for a company. I don’t charge them, instead let them give me a FEW watches each year. SMILE. Actually I have two Fenix 6 Titaniums. I need a backup. Can’t go a day without tracking my data. SMILE. IF you do a SEARCH on this BLOG “Fitbit Steps” you will see many posts. YOU are correct. Fitbit USED to be GENEROUS with their steps. Suited the soccer mums. They thought they had notched up 10K when they only walked 8K. I actually have DETAILED Excel spreadsheets for some Fitbits. SMILE. Best for pre-diabetes is low-carb. YOU are QUITE YOUNG … right? I am 67. Biking has never appealed to I. I know folks love it. I used to be a runner. According my Garmin my fitness age is 43. It, a few months ago, was down in the 30s. My VO2 MAX fluctuates between 42 & 41. If it is 42 I am in the low 30s. If it is 41 … I am in the low 40s. SMILE. Keep up the good work.

      1. TasView

        Lucky you!! I had a Fitbit Ionic, sick of charging it every few days so I bought a Fenix 5 on sale for half price, much prefer it over the Ionic, less of a toy. I’m a sprightly 53, don’t like riding on the road but mountain biking is quite different. I find gratification in improving my climbs which are a challenge around here, I keep pushing beyond what I think is my limit, breathless, legs and heart pumping. But the downhill is where the real adrenalin pumping fun is! Such a buzz, keeps me happily climbing back up the hills 😀

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