How Did YOUR Financial Advisor Or Wealth Manager Stack Up Against Me In 2020?

by Anura Guruge

NOPE. Definitely NOT a solicitation. I will NOT manage other people’s money. For a start I am NOT licensed, & never will be. I am TOO OLD. I did manage some funds for a relative, FOR FREE, but stopped doing that when I felt I was getting too old.

I am SURE your professional Financial Adviser or Wealth Manager left me in the dust. Alas, I am too poor to be able to afford one. I have to struggle by on my own. But, I am not greedy. Never have been (other than for chocolate cakes). I am happy with these ‘OK’ returns. I can live with it.

Kind of funny. About 8-years ago Fidelity STOPPED calling me to ask me if I had considered using their services. SMILE.

Yes, these portfolios have a lot of FANG, TSLA, NVDA, Etsy etc.

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by Anura Guruge

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