Commitment To Walk 500,000+ Steps/Month Means You Have To BRAVE Storms — Even TORRENTIAL Rain.

by Anura Guruge

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WOW. It bucketed down today — till mid-afternoon. Torrential rain & gusty winds. WHAT TO DO?

I could have tried waiting until it stopped — BUT then it might be getting dark, & I PREFER to limit my ‘night walks‘ to 2-miles or below. Plus, I wasn’t sure whether the dog wanted to go out. He did NOT. He was NOT having anything to do with this weather.

I, as I had done a month ago, wore TWO layers of outerwear. It kind of works. Outer latey gets soaked.

Snow is ALWAY much better than rain! Trust me. I know. Rain is wet. Snow not as much. When the ground is FROZEN (as it was today) they are BOTH slippery. That was an issue.

I wear the yellow glasses to keep the rain from my eyes. Pretty simple. Logical.

Well, I did 10,589 steps in this rain. SMILE. Felt good. I was SOAKED. But, I think I will live.

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by Anura Guruge

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