I Despaired & Gave-Up On Both ‘IONOS’ & ‘DreamHost’ When It Comes To Quick & Easy WordPress Hosting.

by Anura Guruge

Yes, OF COURSE, they both work & to be fair they both offer very competitive & attractives hosting plans. That is why I went to them; first to IONOS & then within 90-minutes or so to DreamHost.

Neither worked for I. Had too many niggling issues. Yes, IF I had the TIME & patience I could have persevered & fixed each one in time. But, as you know, TIME is my ENEMY. Never have enough for all I want & try to do. That was the issue.

With IONOS, the FREE (for 1-year) ‘.org’ domain name I registered disappeared into THIN AIR. Couldn’t get it. It was registered. That meant I lost it! Yes, I might have been able to find it IF I spent enough time with their support. AND TO BE FAIR, their SUPPORT is good. They even have responsive, real-time phone support. But, I gave up. Asked for my refund …

DreamHost basically has no HUMAN real-time support. All automated. Some of the issues I had with them were to do with WordPress rather than them per se, BUT I had enough with them that I threw in the towel. I basically wasted my whole bloody afternoon with these two outfits & have NOTHING to show for it. NOT HAPPY.

Yes, they are MORE EXPENSIVE but I will now go with Weebly as I have done in the last 3 Websites I hosted. No, I will NEVER go back to GoDaddy. SMILE.

Just thought this might help. Again, they probably work IF you have the time & patience to monkey around. I did NOT have the time. OK?

by Anura Guruge

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