A Busy & Productive Woodpecker (On Our Road).

by Anura Guruge

He had to have made these two BIG holes within the last 24-hours.

[I think it is a ‘he’, BUT I am NOT an expert on woodpecker gender & traits — though I do have this GREAT ‘woodpecker joke‘).

This tree is on our road, about 1/8-mile from our house. I walk by it at least 3 times a day — WITHOUT fail. This morning as I approached it I noticed the wood shavings on the snow. You couldn’t miss it — as you can see from the above picture. My first thought was beavers — though this is not near water, & the tree is too big. Then I looked up. WOW.

We have a LOT of woodpeckers around here. We can always hear them, year around, tap, tap, tapping away. They also come to our birdfeeders. We have BIG ones 6″ or 7″ inches in height & lots of smaller ones. I assume this had to have been a big one. This tree, like most around here, has old woodpecker holes. But, this was SO neat. Makes you humble.

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by Anura Guruge

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